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CollPlant Overview HCW Global Investment Conference September 2019



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O v e r view ● Deep Tech * company developing, manufacturing and commercializing regenerative medicine products ● Proprietary technology platform that enables mass production of recombinant human collagen (rhCollagen) ● rhCollagen - based products aimed at 3D Bioprinting of tissues and organs, and medical aesthetics markets ● Strategic agreement with United Therapeutics (NASDAQ: UTHR) for 3D bioprinting of lung transplants and other life saving organs 3 * Deep Technologies are novel technologies that offer significant advances over those currently in use. (Source: The Dawn of the Deep Tech Ecosystem, BCG, March 2019)



Prof. Oded Shoseyov Co - Founder & Chief Scientist Pauli Clean Tech CBD Tech. F u l cru m - SPD Melodea Hebrew University Eran Rotem Deputy CEO & CFO Tefron, CFO (NYSE,TASE) Healthcare Tech., CFO (NASDAQ) & Gamida E&Y Ilana Belzer, PhD COO BioHarvest Procognia Ltd. Omrix Biopharmaceuticals Interpharm Nadav Orr, PhD VP R&D Ethicon Biosurgery, Johnson & Johnson 4 Philippe Bensimon, PharmD VP RA/QA/CA Maquet Getinge 3M Medical Yehiel Tal CEO Regentis Biomaterials ProChon Biotech Kulicke & Soffa Industries Experienced management team



CollPlant’s technology Co - expression of 5 human genes in tobacco plants for the production of functional type I human recombinant Collagen 5 P 4 Hα P 4 Hβ LH - 3 Post translational modifications Co l 1α 1 Co l 1α 2 Stable production in tobacco plant Structural genes Enzyme genes Tobacco plant Tobacco plant



Plant - derived rhCollagen The ideal building block for regenerative medicine 6 Animal - derived Cell binding domains Cell binding domains Few cell binding domains due to partially denatured crosslinked collagen Many cell binding domains enabled by perfect triple helix enhance cellular attachment Slow cell proliferation and slow tissue repair Foreign body reactions (e.g. granuloma) Fast cell proliferation and fast tissue repair Plant - derived Superior homogeneity • Controlled physical/rheological properties • Reproducibility • Transparency (not visible) Improved safety and greater purity • Non - immunogenic • Non - allergenic • No pathogens • No foreign body response Clear advantages over animal - derived collagen Better bio - functionality • Accelerates human cell proliferation • Faster tissue healing



Medical ae s th e tics R e g ene r a t i v e dermal filler



Dermal fillers market overview ~2,091,476 HA procedures in 2017 in the US 1 Global dermal filler market, 2017 2 Cost per syringe: $100 - $250/unit 3 9% 0% 3% 78% 5% 1% 4% Calcium Hydroxylapatite Collagen Fat Hyaluronic acid Polylactic acid Polymethyl methacrylate microsphares PRP 2017 Procedure breakdown, U.S (by material)* $5.8B 1 https://www.plasticsurgery.org/documents/News/Statistics/2017/plastic - surgery - statistics - report - 2017.pdf 2 https://www.gminsights.com/industry - analysis/dermal - filler - market 3 https://www.medicalsparx.com/juvederm - hydrate , https://www.medicalsparx.com/buy - juvederm - ultra - plus - xc 8



HA Physical properties • Highly viscous: Provides mechanical stability after injection • Convenient injection: 37 - 32G needle, 10 - 15N expression force • High lifting capacity • Transparent Combining the advantages of Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid 9 rhCollagen Biological properties • Promotes cell adhesion and proliferation • Promotes tissue regeneration • Non allergic/non immunogenic The best of both w orlds



Photocurable rhCollagen - HA regenerative dermal filler Good tissue retention Sculpturing before curing Easy injection (30G needle) I n je c tion Scul p turing Photocuring in - situ Optimized post curing stiffness 10



3D Bioprinting tissues & organs



Organ transplantations are expensive and inefficient Grand Challenges of Organ Banking: Proceedings from the first global summit on complex tissue cryopreservation, Cryobiology, Volume 72, April 2016, Pages 169 - 182. 12 Average transplant costs and wait times in USA: The advent of 3D bioprinting is expected to enable unlimited, economical access to organs around the world http://us.milliman.com/uploadedFiles/insight/2017/2017 - Transplant - Report.pdf U.S. Department of Health & Human Services https://optn.transplant.hrsa.gov/data/ Lewis JK, Bischof JC, Braslavsky I, Brockbank K, Fahy G, Fuller B, Rabin Y, Tocchio A, Woods E, Wowk B, Acker J and Giwa S; The KIDNEY (16,804/YEAR) $415,000 679 days ~3 0 ,000 US transplants per year 1 1 5,0 0 0 US waiting list 900,000 US deaths per year from organ impairment HEART (2,725/YEAR) $1.4 million 191 days LUNGS (1,397/YEAR) $1.2 million 185 days PANCREAS (136/YEAR) $347,000 281 days LIVER (6,158/YEAR) $813,000 239 days CORNEA (50,099/YEAR) $30,200 50 days



3D bioprinting major market segments • Lungs • Liver • Kid n e y • Heart O r g ans • Ovary • P a nc r eas • Thyroid Scaffolds • Spine fusion • Non - union fractures • Craniomaxillofacial • Nerve conduits • Tendons & ligaments Endocrine glands 1 In the U.S, total number - Lewis JK, Bischof JC, Braslavsky I, Brockbank K, Fahy G, Fuller B, Rabin Y, Tocchio A, Woods E, Wowk B, Acker J and Giwa S; The Grand Challenges of Organ Banking: Proceedings from the first global summit on complex tissue cryopreservation, Cryobiology, Volume 72, April 2016, Pages 169 - 182. 2 https://www.womenshealth.gov/menopause/early - or - premature - menopause https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3634232/ 3 https://www.plasticsurgery.org/documents/News/Statistics/2018/plastic - surgery - statistics - full - report - 2018.pdf - Breast augmentation, lift and reconstruction 4 in the U.S, annually, https://www.ors.org/Transactions/57/0642.pdf OVARY 700,000 patiens 2 BREAST 500,000 patients 3 SPINE FUSION 400,000 patients 4 ORGANS 900,000 patients 1 Tissues • Skin • Cornea • Bones • Cartilage • Breast • Heart valves 13



BioInk for 3D printing of tissues and organs CollPlant’s rhCollagen - based BioInk offers ideal characteristics for 3D bioprinting 14 Optimal rheology at room temperature - Viscosity and gelation kinetics Non immunogenic, excellent safety profile in clinical use (rhCollagen) Biocompatible – supports viability of different cell types Tunable physical and mechanical properties



15 Collaboration agreement with United Therapeutics (Oct. 2018) • Global licensing and commercialization agreement for 3D Bioprinting of solid organ scaffolds for human transplants • Collaboration combines CollPlant’s proprietary BioInk technology and United Therapeutics’ regenerative medicine and organ manufacturing capabilities Agreement highlights: • $5M upfront payment • Up to $39M milestone and option payments • Royalties on product sales • United Therapeutics has the option to expand the license to add up to three organs • United Therapeutics will establish a U.S. facility for the manufacture of CollPlant's rhCollagen and BioInk



16 3D bioprinting of trachea and bronchi Courtesy of United Therapeutics 100µ perfused vessels



Breast impla n ts



60 % 21 % 19 % Breast implants market overview Cost $ 5 - 10K per procedure in US 2 ~2,500,000 Breast implant procedures WW (2017) 4 ~500,000 in US (2018) 5 Market $1.4B worldwide (2018) 1 Current breast reconstruction is based on synthetic breast implantation, free flap surgery/autologous fat tissue transfer - all of which replace tissue rather than regenerate it 1. 2. 3. 4. Analytical Research Cognizance, Global Breast Implant Market, March 2019 https://www.webmd.com/beauty/cosmetic - procedures - breast - augmentation#1 www.plasticsurgery.org/documents/News/Statistics/2018/plastic - surgery - statistics - full - report - 2018.pd f Breast augmentation and breast lift - https://www.isaps.org/wp - content/uploads/2018/10/ISAP2016_17_comparison.pdf - Breast reconstruction, 2014 - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5807774/ https://www.plasticsurgery.org/documents/News/Statistics/2018/plastic - surgery - statistics - full - report - 2018.pd f https://www.fda.gov/medical - devices/letters - health - care - providers/breast - implant - associated - anaplastic - large - cell - lymphoma - bia - a lcl - letter - health - care - providers FDA alert: Patients with breast implants have an increased risk of developing breast implant Associated - Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (Feb 2019) 6 18 5. 6. Procedure * Breast augmentation Breast lift Breast reconstruction 3 * US segmentation



19 CollPlant’s 3D bioprinted breast implants Breast scaffold printing Loading ECM components + autologous fat cells Implantation and vascularization Implant replacement by newly formed tissue



20 NASDAQ (CLGN) listed ADR since Jan. 2018 Market Cap of ~ $16M * 45 employees • Strong R&D team • Fully integrated • Production team with eight years track record * As of August 30, 2019



Planned 12 - month milestones ● Medical aesthetics - Sign collaboration agreement with strategic partner - Photocurable dermal filler animal study ● 3D Bioprinting - Expand collaborations with key players - Breast implants animal study 21



CollPlant investment highlights Only commercially viable technology currently available that can produce truly human collagen Multi - billion dollar market: innovative rhCollagen products initially aimed at 3D bioprinting and medical aesthetics Broadly applicable technology: Ideal building block/scaffolding molecule for regenerative medicine Strategic agreement with United Therapeutics (UTHR) for 3D bioprinting of lungs and other life saving organs Clinically validated technology Proven management team 22



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