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CollPlant Overview April 2022



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3 CollPlant – Unlocking the Regenerative Potential of rhCollagen Collaboration Agreements with Industry Leaders • AbbVie (ABBV) - Worldwide exclusive agreement for dermal and soft tissue fillers. Up to $103mm in payments plus royalties. • 3D Systems (DDD) - Bioprinted solutions for breast reconstruction treatments Well Capitalized $ 43 mm in cash Zero debt (December 31, 2021) Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine Company Developing innovative technologies and products for tissue regeneration and organ manufacturing, to help people live longer and better Proprietary Plant - based Technology Platform Only commercially viable solution for mass production of rhCollagen



4 Expressing 5 human genes Plant - based platform produces human collagen in mass - scale



rhCollagen - The ideal building block for regenerative medicine implants 5 Animal Extracted Plant - derived Clear advantages over tissue - extracted collagen Better bio - functionality Superior homogeneity Improved safety and greater purity Cell binding domains



Product Pipeline Aesthetic medicine Regenerative medicine Dermal/soft tissue fillers BioInk formulations Photocurable dermal filler Injectable breast implants Soft and hard tissues Collaboration with 3D bioprinted products Breast implants Regenerative Tissue Matrix for breast reconstruction



Dermal/Soft Tissue Fillers In collaboration with



Dermal fillers market overview ~2.6 M HA procedures in 2020 in the US 1 $5B, 9.6% CAGR Global dermal filler market, 2021, CAGR 2022 - 2028 2 $100 - $250/unit Cost per syringe 3 8 1. 2. 3. https://www.plasticsurgery.org/documents/News/Statistics/2020/plastic - surgery - statistics - full - report - 2020.pdf https:// www.gminsights.com/industry - analysis/dermal - filler - market https://www.medicalsparx.com/juvederm - hydrate , https://www.medicalsparx.com/buy - juvederm - ultra - plus - xc Hyaluronic acid 77% 2020 Procedure breakdown, U.S (by material) 1 Polymethyl methacrylate microspheres 2% Fat 4% Polylactic acid 4% PRP 7% Calcium Hydroxylapatite 6%



9 Collaboration agreement with AbbVie Agreement highlights: A worldwide exclusive development and commercialization agreement for dermal and soft tissue fillers for the medical aesthetics market Financial highlights: Up to $103M in potential payments, including: • $14M upfront payment • Up to $89M milestones and option payments Combines CollPlant’s proprietary rhCollagen technology and AbbVie's technology Right of first negotiation for exclusive rights to use the rhCollagen for the commercialization and sale of an injectable breast implant and photocurable dermal filler products CollPlant will manufacture and sell to AbbVie the rhCollagen used in the products Royalties on products sales



rhCollagen - based photocurable regenerative dermal filler * key attributes Photocuring in - situ Tissue regeneration Good tissue retention Sculpting before curing Easy injection (30G needle) Optimized post curing stiffness Injection Sculpting *AbbVie’s Option Product http://collplant.com/products/photocurable - dermal - filler - animation - video/



3D Bioprinted Tissues and Organs



12 In - house Development Collaboration with tier - 1 Development cost Time to market Tissues ● Breast ● Heart valve ● Cornea ● Skin ● Cartilage Endocrine glands ● Ovary ● Pancreas ● Thyroid Organs ● Lungs ● Kidney ● Liver ● Heart Scaffolds ● Spine fusion ● Tendons, ligaments ● Bones ● Nerve conduits Drug discovery ● Drug screening ● Tissue testing ● Patient specific 3D bioprinting represents a wide range of development opportunities



Breast Reconstruction / Augmentation



Breast implants market overview Current breast reconstruction is based on synthetic breast implantation, free flap surgery/autologous fat tissue transfer - all of which replace tissue rather than regenerate it. $2.8B Market worldwide (2019) 1 $ 5 - 10K Cost per full procedure in US 2 ~2,200,000 Breast implant procedures WW (2020) 3 ~400,000 in US (2020) 4 FDA alert: Patients with breast implants have an increased risk of developing breast implant Associated - Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (Feb 2019) 5 14 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. https://www.fortunebusinessinsights.com/industry - reports/breast - implants - market - 101404 https://www.webmd.com/beauty/cosmetic - procedures - breast - augmentation#1 https://www.isaps.org/wp - content/uploads/2022/01/ISAPS - Global - Survey_2020.pdf https://www.plasticsurgery.org/documents/News/Statistics/2020/plastic - surgery - statistics - full - report - 2020.pdf https://www.fda.gov/medical - devices/letters - health - care - providers/breast - implant - associated - anaplastic - large - cell - lymphoma - bia - alcl - letter - health - care - providers Procedure (US segmentation) 60% Breast augmentation 21% Breast Lift 19% Breast reconstruction



15 CollPlant’s 3D bioprinted breast implants * Breast scaffold bioprinting rhCollagen + ECM** components Implantation and vascularization Implant replacement by newly formed tissue * Study on large animals will be initiated in Q2 2022 ** ECM - extracellular matrix



Provide extra coverage, direct - to - implant reconstruction and superior cosmetic results US: mostly human - sourced (93%) EU: mostly animal - sourced Used in 61% of U.S. breast reconstruction surgeries Breast reconstruction procedures using ADMS /yr (US): 60K Market potential (US) $600Mn Surgical matrixes derived from cadavers and animals are associated with high costs, supply shortage and batch - to - batch variability 16 rhCollagen - based regenerative tissue matrix Regenerative Tissue Matrix (RTM) Developed in collaboration with 3D Systems



Injectable breast implants* 17 • Composed of rhCollagen and additional materials, intended to promote breast tissue regeneration • Designed to attract cells to promote tissue regeneration and support the viability and function of the newly regenerated tissue • The scaffold is designed to gradually degrade and be replaced by newly grown natural breast tissue that is free of any foreign material * AbbVie’s Option Product



rhCollagen BioInk compositions in development Direct Ink Writing (DIW) Inkjet Projection Stereolithography Laser Induced Forward Transfer (LIFT) Polymers (physical properties) Ceramics (hard tissue) Nanoparticles (sustained release/ physical properties ( ECM components (biological/ physical properties)



CollPlant now offers Collink.3D TM , human collagen bioink platform, for 3D bioprinting of organs, scaffolds and tissue models for drug discovery, personalized medicine and regenerative medicine applications. 19



Our Partners Companies Consortiums & organizations Development and commercialization agreement Joint development agreement Universal BioInk Industry committee Scalable manufacturing of tissue engineered products 20 Collaboration agreement Supply agreement



Yehiel Tal CEO Regentis Biomaterials ProChon Biotech Kulicke & Soffa Industries Eran Rotem Deputy CEO & CFO Tefron, CFO (NYSE,TASE) Healthcare Tech., CFO (NASDAQ) & Gamida E&Y Ilana Belzer, PhD COO BioHarvest Procognia Ltd. Omrix Biopharmaceuticals Interpharm Michal Roytman VP Sales & Marketing Ocon Medical Neuroderm (now Mitsubishi Tanabe) Neurim Pharmaceuticals Frutarom (now IFF) 21 Philippe Bensimon, PharmD VP RA/QA/CA Maquet Getinge 3M Medical Experienced management team Hadas Dreiher - Horowitz VP HR Elbit Teva Pharmaceuticals Mul - T - Lock



CollPlant investment thesis Only commercially viable technology currently available that can produce truly human collagen Multi - billion dollar markets: innovative rhCollagen products initially aimed at 3D bioprinting and medical aesthetics Broadly applicable technology: Ideal building block/scaffolding molecule for regenerative medicine Strategic agreement with AbbVie and 3D Systems Clinically validated technology Proven management team 22



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