Annual and transition report of foreign private issuers pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Commitments and Contingent Liabilities (Details)

Commitments and Contingent Liabilities (Details) - ILS (₪)
1 Months Ended 12 Months Ended
Sep. 06, 2017
Nov. 15, 2018
Oct. 19, 2018
Jul. 28, 2016
Apr. 30, 2007
Dec. 31, 2018
Dec. 31, 2017
Mar. 01, 2018
Jun. 09, 2016
Feb. 02, 2016
Commitments and Contingent Liabilities (Textual)                    
Operating lease term   The lease is for five years and five months in return for a monthly payment of NIS 89 thousand, with an option to extend for five additional years.         August 18, 2018      
Monthly rent   ₪ 89,000   ₪ 30,000     ₪ 54,000      
Restricted deposit           ₪ 580,000        
Operating lease agreements description   In addition, as part of the lease agreement the company will not carry the rent monthly payment during the first five months of the lease agreement and will be reimbursed for its building adjustments costs in the amount of NIS 2,500 thousand. The United License Agreement provides for the payment of an upfront cash payment of $5 million to CollPlant, which was paid to CollPlant in November 2018 following effectiveness of the Agreement. In addition, the United License Agreement provides for a one-time non-refundable option payments of $3 million per Option Product ($9 million in the aggregate), and up to $30 million of milestone payments payable as follows: (i) $5 million upon completion of the U.S. facility design, (ii) $5 million upon completion of production of a specified amount of Bioink, and (iii) $5 million for FDA marketing approval for each Covered Product (up to $20 million in the aggregate). The lease is for three years with an option to extend for four additional years, in return for a monthly payment of NIS 30 thousand. The Company signed an agreement with a third party for lease of land in Yessod Hamaala. The lease term ended on April 30, 2017. On July 4, 2017, the Company signed a new agreement for four years with an option for extension of another 6 years. The lease term began on May 1, 2017. The annual rent amount is NIS 120 thousand.          
Acquired equipment and clean rooms       ₪ 1,849,000            
Shares issued       1,067,916   190,735,668 166,816,328      
Repaid cash over the term       ₪ 525,000            
Description on royalty       Under the terms of Company's funding from the Israeli Government, royalties of 3%-3.5% are payable on sales of products developed from projects so funded up to 100% of the amount of the grant received by the Company (dollar linked) with the addition of an annual interest based on Libor.            
Royalty expense           ₪ 3,200,000        
Royalties before additional libor interest           31,800,000        
Non-current government grants           2.2        
Royalties present value           1,228,000        
Long-term liabilities as a financial liability           ₪ 1,181,000        
Total consideration amount       ₪ 1,197,000            
Assuming funds payable percentage           100.00%        
VAT payables ₪ 1,800,000                  
Lease Agreement Restricted Deposit           ₪ 544,000        
Ordinary Shares [Member]                    
Commitments and Contingent Liabilities (Textual)                    
Shares issued               250,000,000 11,267,833 5,745,903
Contigent liability [Member]                    
Commitments and Contingent Liabilities (Textual)                    
Tax pay ₪ 1,500,000